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Training and Meeting Space Rental

At the L.A.B. med spa, we do more than offer results-driven cosmetic treatments. We invite aesthetic professionals, vendors, partners and other companies to use our facility to train new accounts, host product demos or continuing education courses. The L.A.B. offers the perfect set up to provide technicians with the knowledge and skills they need in a safe and equipped environment. Our facility offers a clean, well-lit, and modern atmosphere that’s ideal for both trainers and technicians. It features a laser training center, situated on the first floor as well as an injection training room on the second floor.

Our facility can also be used as a meeting or conference space. It serves as the ideal environment for business meetings, presentations, and interviews. It’s well-equipped with two full kitchens, a conference table with seating for up to 12, and two large waiting rooms, one with two oversized whiteboards for brainstorming or presentations. In addition, there is extra office space available upon request as well as Wi-Fi and projection capabilities. Food and Beverage catering is an option as well.