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Enhance sexual performance and satisfaction with the She and He Shots


We are *so* excited to start offering you a whole new arena of self-care and sexual satisfaction all in one (or two) shots!

the L.A.B. med spa, located in Southlake, Texas, now proudly offers men and women the chance to improve themselves in every way possible. This includes who they are in the bedroom, too! With the help of our outstanding and knowledgeable team, patients can feel safe addressing issues they may have, such as low sexual satisfaction.

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Erectile dysfunction, menopause, and many other problems can cause decreased sexual pleasure in men and women, which is why we are more than proud to offer solutions such as the She-Shot for women and the He-Shot for men.

What in the world is an She-Shot?!

The She-shot, or Orgasm Shot (can I get an AMEN?), is a method of improving sexual response and sensitivity for women. The use of platelet-rich plasma derived from the patient is injected into the vaginal area to trigger stem cells to generate healthy vaginal tissue growth and increase blood flow to the site. It can help in addressing poor sexual desire and pleasure for the patient. Who doesn’t want a little more WOW in the bow-chicka-wow-WOW?!

He-Shot, you say?

The He-shot is an injection of platelet-rich plasma into the penis to help combat erectile dysfunction with a noninvasive treatment. It does not require any downtime or recovery and can provide same-day results (BOOM!). There are minimal side effects to the He-Shot, and it allows men to avoid the use of medication that can come with various side-effects (who wants those?). Men find that not only can they obtain an erection faster (Oh snap, right?!), but they have increased sensitivity and satisfaction (Who doesn’t want a little more bang for your buck?). Increased penile length and girth, firmer erections, and better blood flow improve the sexual experience for men who have had the He-shot.

Would this work for me?

As with any medical procedure, the best way to determine if this is for you is by scheduling a consultation appointment with our Nurse Practitioner and undergo a complete evaluation and discuss the solutions available to help you reach your sexual goals.  We find that most patients who are good candidates for this treatment are in good overall health and are interested in improving their sexual health and wellness with their partners.

Call the L.A.B. med spa to learn more about improving your sexual health

If you feel that your love life could be improved by the advantages of the She-shot for women and the He-shot for men, contact us at the L.A.B. med spa of Southlake, Texas today by calling (817) 251-1000. We are open to new and returning patients!