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Harnessing the power of oxygen for optimal healing and rejuvenation using IV ozone therapy

At the L.A.B. med spa of Southlake, Texas, our team of professionals is always looking for ways to improve patient’s health and wellness. One treatment new to our practice but not new to medicine is IV ozone therapy with ultraviolet (UV) blood irradiation. This combination of treatments can help with a wide range of concerns, including boosting the immune system and fighting chronic issues. Let’s take a closer look at these treatments and how they work together for better health!

Ozone Therapy Benefits

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone therapy is a holistic method of treatment that has been used for over a century. Ozone gas, or oxygenated gas, is introduced directly into the bloodstream via an IV to increase oxygen levels in the body, supporting cellular function and detoxification.

What is ultraviolet blood irradiation?

Ultraviolet light, or “UV light,” is best known as a disinfectant. It is often used in laboratories and hospitals to effectively kill both viruses and bacteria. With UV light IV therapy, detoxification is reached thanks to the stimulation of the immune system and boosted lymphatic drainage. This specific type of treatment takes a sample of the patient’s blood and administers UV light to it before it is reintroduced into the body. The goal of this therapy is to treat immune dysfunctions and chronic infections effectively.

What happens if I combine ozone therapy with ultraviolet blood irradiation?

The combination of these therapies amplifies their effects, making it an excellent solution for many of our patients who want to feel their best and address specific health concerns. The combination of ozone and UV light IV therapy detoxifies the body, increasing blood oxygenation, activating cells, and improving lymphatic drainage in a single treatment. The immune system and healing processes are boosted thanks to the unfavorable environment created to combat pathogens.

What are the benefits of ozone therapy?

• Immune system stimulation
• Increased tissue oxygenation
• Cellular rejuvenation
• Antioxidant support
• Anti-inflammatory
• Improved circulation
• Pain relief
• Germicide

How do I learn more about this combination treatment at the L.A.B. med spa?

Our providers at the L.A.B. med spa understand that technology and techniques are changing daily in medicine and cosmetics. If you are located in the area of Southlake, Texas, and are interested in finding out if IV ozone therapy with UV blood irradiation is suitable for you, we invite you to call our office at (817) 839-0100. We are located at 1910 East State Highway 114 and are open to new and current patients seeking better health and wellness through today’s improved technology. We continue to learn and invest in our practice to, in turn, invest in our patients and ensure they have access to the treatments they need to boost health and wellness with holistic and biocompatible solutions.