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What is IV Therapy?

Intravenous (IV) Wellness Therapy infuses the purest liquid forms of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream to bypass the digestive system. IV administration provides increased absorption and bioavailability of these vitamins to your body. With oral supplements, you only get about 20%-40% absorption after filtering through your digestive system. This decreased gastrointestinal absorption makes it difficult for many people to absorb some vitamins and nutrients from the traditional oral route.

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IV Wellness Therapy is part of a growing focus on preventative health and helps patients with vitamin deficiencies, nutrient imbalances, fatigue, dehydration, athletic performance, weight loss, and more. For preventative health and wellness, two infusions per month are useful for overall health and wellness. Most IV infusions are not recommended more than two times per month because of the highly concentrated doses of vitamins that are provided.

What IV Wellness Infusions are offered at the L.A.B.?

Work Hard, Play Harder: This IV infusion contains Vitamin C, B Complex, amino acids and minerals that aid in metabolism, fatigue, inflammation, immunity, prevention of muscle breakdown, bone formation and energy. This IV infusion is great for athletic performance and recovery.

Triple Threat: This IV infusion contains B complex, amino acids and B12 that aid in metabolism, fatigue, immunity, fat burning and prevention of muscle breakdown. This IV infusion is great for increased energy, weight loss and performance.

Ready, Set, Glow: This IV infusion contains Vitamin C, B Complex, Biotin and L-Glutathione that aid in immunity, skin elasticity, inflammation, strengthening of hair and nails, elimination of toxins, energy, mental focus, and aids in tissue building and repair. This IV infusion is great for anti-aging and overall skin wellness.

The Basic Bi$ch: This IV infusion is the traditional Myers’ cocktail infusion which is comprised of essential vitamins and other nutrients. This IV infusion is designed to help alleviate chronic symptoms and may help with on-going pain, stress, migraines and helps restore balance. This IV infusion is a great over-all infusion that helps with immunity, relaxation, healthy skin, energy, and protection from free radicals.

The Bougie Bi$ch: This IV push infusion is L-Glutathione, which is the most powerful antioxidant in the body. This IV push infusion eliminates numerous toxins from the body, enhances immune function, increased energy and mental focus, as well as aids in tissue building and repair. L-Glutathione can be given as a stand-alone IV Push or as an add on to any of our other IV infusions (Extra Bougie Bi$ch).

What can I expect when getting IV Wellness Therapy?

You will meet with a Provider (RN/NP/MD) in the office, who will assess overall health by obtaining a general health history and vital signs. The provider will then discuss different options for IV Wellness infusions that the L.A.B. med spa offers to determine the best infusion for you. Once your infusion has been chosen, an IV catheter will be inserted into your arm or hand. Your liquid vitamins and minerals will then be mixed into a bag of normal saline solution and administered through your IV access. The infusion itself takes about 20 minutes to complete. After the infusion, the IV catheter will be removed, and a bandage applied. Patients will usually feel the effects of IV Wellness Therapy in about 1 to 3 hours after an infusion, and the benefits of IV Wellness Therapy can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

IV Wellness Therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, and is only intended for healthy adults. IV Wellness Therapy is not approved by the FDA and not covered by insurance.

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