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NeoSkin and NeoClear by Aerolase®: Clear Acne and Rejuvenate Skin Without Surgery or Downtime

The L.A.B. med spa is pleased to provide a range of laser, esthetic, and biologic treatments to individuals in and around Southlake, Texas. As non-invasive alternatives to surgical procedures, these advanced treatments are safe, fast, comfortable, and clinically proven to make a difference in the appearance and feel of your skin.

NeoSkin and NeoClear by Aerolase® are welcome, complementary additions to our med spa’s suite of skin-transforming services.

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This laser treatment provides comprehensive rejuvenation. NeoSkin’s unique laser light may be applied to the face, neck, and/or chest to trigger the production of fresh, firming collagen. In doing so, NeoSkin® minimizes lines, wrinkles, visible pores, and saggy skin. It also provides overall improvements in skin tone and texture. More focused energy may be applied to specific lesions or areas of concern. This step in NeoSkin® treatment reduces the appearance of spider veins, broken blood vessels, diffuse redness, and hyperpigmentation (brown spots).


A new method for acne treatment, NeoClear® laser technology destroys the bacteria responsible for outbreaks (P. acne) and reduces oil production. In doing so, NeoClear® prevents future breakouts. As noted above, it also provides overall skin rejuvenation benefits (NeoSkin®). The second step in treatment involves concentrating the laser light-based energy on specific acne lesions. This step reduces active acne inflammation and redness to help clear acne fast. This process also minimizes the risk of developing acne scars and the appearance of existing scars.

The Benefits of NeoSkin and NeoClear by Aerolase®

Our patients at the L.A.B. med spa love the ease, comfort, and results from this new Aerolase® treatment for skin rejuvenation. The many benefits include:

Fast treatment – Depending on the size of the area to be treated and the severity of the present condition or concern, each session can be completed in 10 to 45 minutes.

Well-tolerated without anesthetic – Due to the application of super-fast pulses, this laser treatment is gentle and low-risk for all skin types. In fact, we do not need to “prepare” the skin with topical numbing creams or cooling sprays. Patients describe the application of the laser as a mild, temporary warming sensation.

No downtime – Get back to work and other activities immediately following treatment! Side effects are limited to redness, which fades in one to two hours. Unlike other laser treatments, there is no itching, swelling, dryness, or pain.

Hassle-free aftercare – Sun protection and avoidance of direct sunlight is always a good practice, but it is all the more important following laser-based therapies. These treatments can make your skin more sensitive to UV light from the sun’s rays.

Fast results – Some patients notice an immediate improvement in the appearance of their acne and, overall, skin tone and texture. Even more, patients see improvement after three treatments. Typically, stunning results can be achieved in four to six treatment sessions. Each patient’s skin responds differently to a treatment.

Depending on your needs and other factors, “touch-up” or maintenance sessions may be recommended at intervals as advised by our professional team in Southlake, Texas. We can apply NeoSkin® or NeoClear® any time you notice acne or need to give your skin a boost. These new treatments support renewed skin by seamlessly fitting into your busy schedule and lifestyle. Call the L.A.B. med spa at (817) 839-0100 to schedule a consultation. Or, for your convenience, you may request an appointment on this website. Just click on the “schedule online” button!