Gena Ettinger

Gena Ettinger

Resident Physician Assistant

Gena will be joining the L.A.B. as our resident physician assistant.  She completed her undergraduate degree at The University of North Texas and then completed her Masters Degree and PA education at George Washington University in Washington, DC in 2012.  After 4 years on the East Coast, she was more than ready to move back to Texas where she was born and raised.  

Gena received a great base of education working in emergency medicine and general surgery her first couple of years out of school, however the past several years were spent with an experienced and well-respected colorectal surgeon in Southlake.  Although she feels honored to have spent so much time with patients in their toughest moments, it has given her perspective and appreciation for life’s blessings and challenges. Gena would like to focus on fixing the problems she saw everyday before they start. That is why she is excited to join the L.A.B. and focus her energies on patient’s acquiring good gut health (through diet and supplements), balancing hormones and using IV nutrition when necessary. 

Along with providing care to patients here in Texas, Gena spends a lot of her time serving patients who are underprivileged.  Every year, she travels to Guatemala with Faith in Practice to perform surgeries on patients in very rural and distraught regions who would otherwise not receive care.   She loves the fact that she will be working for an organization that will allow her more time to continue to provide this kind of service throughout the world.   

Gena is also looking forward to more work/life balance. When she’s not at work, she’s hanging out with her husband, Mark, and their 3 children—Eli, Gavin and Savannah.  She also has two crazy fur babies – the sweetest Doberman in the world and the most expensively trained German Shorthaired Pointer who is supposed to be a bird dog but somehow only serves as her husband’s indoor blanket – she has yet to witness any hunting skills per se’, but still holds out hope.  If there’s free time, Gena likes to find a remote part of their home and sit in silence.  For fun though she enjoys traveling, playing the piano, dance (hiphop) and hanging with family and friends.